Terms of Service (aka da rules)


Please read these Terms of Service ("Terms") carefully. They contain the legal terms and conditions that govern game play provided to you by Mweor, including information, text, images, graphics, data or other materials ("Content"), products and services provided through http://www.mweor.com ( Mweor ), and software, programs and code forming or incorporated in to http://www.mweor.com (the "Game").

Mweor, part of Mythic Multimedia, LLC ("Mweor", "www.mweor.com", "site") is owned privately by me ("I"). Mweor is an online fantasy cat simulation comprised of fake catteries, fake fantasy cats (“mweors”), fake fighting, fake shops, and many more fake things, intended for use by those at least 13 years of age or older. Anyone who is under the age of 13 must first obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before signing up for or playing Mweor.

By using the Game, you agree to be bound by Section I of these Terms ("General Terms"), which contains provisions applicable to everyone. If you choose to log into Mweor, you will be expected to have read, and agree to be bound by, the additional terms set forth in Section II of these Terms ("Additional Terms").

I try to keep Mweor as clean as possible, but please note that there are certain areas of the site that are determined strictly by user ("member"), defined as someone who has signed up for an account on Mweor, input. I cannot always control everything that goes on the site. Therefore, Mweor will not accept any responsibility for the distress that some of the aforementioned areas might hold.

Mweor will be enforcing a ZERO TOLERANCE SCAMMING POLICY. If a player is found to be attempting to maliciously and/or knowingly collect funds (real life or in-game) and/or taking credit for work that is not theirs, they will be at risk of having their account immediately frozen.

Section I: General Terms

1. Availability

Mweor reserves the right to shut down at any time for any length of time or permanently without any warning or reason given. In other words, if I decide to close down Mweor, I can. If I decide to close Mweor for a while for renovations, bug fixes, anything else, or no reason at all, I can. You agree that Mweor is not and will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Game.

2. Privacy

Mweor.com (“Mweor”, "site") obtains a user's IP address and email. Mweor uses the IP address to track users on the site and the email address to send account notices and password retrieval help. Please ensure that your email address is valid and accessible.

Mweor uses "cookies" for several purposes, including personalizing a user's experience, maintaining a user's account information, as well as all of that account's possessions.

Mweor will not distribute any of your information to any third party.

3. Trademarks & Copyright

The images, text, and code of this site belong to Mweor. You agree not to plagiarize, steal, or otherwise pilfer any of these materials without the sole permission of the administrators. Mweor images are not to be sold for any sort of currency, real or fake. You may use mweor images containing the "mweor.com" watermark off-site provided that the "mweor.com" watermark remains intact and clearly visible.

4. Copyright Violations

A user is responsible and accepts complete liability for any content he or she uploads onto Mweor and agrees that Mweor is not responsible for it. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures posted or linked to without the permission from the holder of the Copyright and programming code that is copyrighted by another party.

Art Theft, including but not limited to selling, displaying, or giving away artwork or coding which is not your own without the original artist's permission; using photographs which are subject to copyright; copying and pasting another user’s layout code; tracing and then claiming as your own artwork based on a copyrighted image used without permission is not allowed. Artwork you have made yourself depicting copyrighted materials may be sold for Mweor currency (MM/MP) only.

Any use found to be in direct connection with uploading, selling, or tracing copyrighted material will result in serious consequences and may result in a banned ("frozen") account. The level of punishment is solely up to Myself and the procedures I have set for the Moderating ("Mod") team.

If you, as a player of Mweor, find a player in violation of copyrights, the following information must be submitted with your Report to assist the mod team in investigating the claim:

  • link(s) to the art in question
  • a link to the original if known
  • proof of ownership if the art is owned by you
  • any other information that you believe may aid in investigating the matter.

If you are not a Mweor member and you believe your art has used without your permission, you may email us at copyright@furry-paws.com and provide as much of the above information as possible along with information detailing why you believe this is occurring on Mweor.

5. External Links

Mweor may provide links to third-party websites or resources. You acknowledge and agree that Mweor is not responsible or liable for: the availability or accuracy of such websites or resources; or the Content, products, or services on or available from such websites or resources. Links to such websites or resources do not imply any endorsement by Mweor. You acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from your use of any such websites or resources.

6. Programming

You agree that you will not interfere with or disrupt (or attempt to interfere with or disrupt) the game play or servers.

7. Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability


8. Amendment of the Terms

We reserve the right to amend these Terms at any time at our sole discretion. If you have registered as a member, we shall notify you of any material change to these Terms (and the effective date of such changes) by indicating changes have occurred in a news post and highlighting any recent changes on the Terms of Service. If you continue to play Mweor after the effective date of the revised Terms, you will be deemed to have accepted those changes. If you do not agree to the revised Terms, your sole remedy shall be to discontinue use of the Game.

9. General

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Mweor and you with respect to your playing of the Game. Mweor's failure to enforce any right or provision in these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If a court should find that one or more provisions contained in these Terms is invalid, you agree that the remainder of the Terms shall be enforceable. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Colorado. Any disputes arising under or in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of the State of Colorado.

Section II: Additional Terms

10. Registration

Each user is granted a certain set of privileges. Please note that they are only privileges, not rights, and can be taken away at any time for any reason without explanation being necessary. Privileges include, but are not limited to: logging on to your user account; interacting with other users through messages, message boards, and chat; owning mweors; personalizing virtual cattery pages; personalizing owned virtual shop pages; and personalizing virtual mweor descriptions. One or all of these privileges may be and will be taken away or restricted if a member does not strictly adhere to the Terms of Service. Mweor also reserves the right to take away any of the above privileges and restrict access to the site for any reason without any explanation.

You will not own more than two user accounts, active or inactive, on Mweor. Ownership of an account is defined as, but not limited to, possessing the username and password of an account. Frozen and inactive accounts are still considered as one of the two accounts you are permitted. Should you possess more than two user accounts for any reason, you must notify a moderator through the ModBox and the excessive accounts will be closed. Should multiple members of the same household play Mweor, submit a ticket to the ModBox with information regarding which account ID numbers belong to which individuals, and a note will be made on the accounts.

You agree to allow Mweor to collect your IP address and time of login. You agree to allow Mweor to place cookies on your computer.

11. Password

When you register as a member you will be asked to provide a password. You are responsible for safeguarding the password and you agree not to disclose your password to any third party. You agree that you shall be solely responsible for any activities or actions under your account, whether or not you have authorized such activities or actions. You shall immediately notify Mweor of any unauthorized use of your password.

Shared accounts, accounts that are used by two users, are discouraged. By logging into an account that is used by more than one individual, you agree that Mweor forfeits all responsibility in consequences that may result because of untrustworthy partners.

12. Submitting Content

Chat Rooms and Forums - As a registered member of Mweor, you will be granted the privilege of participating in chat rooms and forums on the website as part of the game, which means you may post Your Content in the form of text and Artistic Materials for display in these areas of the game, subject to your compliance with the Terms.

Artistic Materials – Digital art, including avatars, mweor images, layout images, and characters; Cattery layouts

Excessive use of caps on the boards and chat room is not permitted. Limited use of caps to bring attention to small details of posts is allowed. Entire posts, sentences or post titles in capital letters are not permitted. Over five words in a row is considered excessive caps.

Excessive use of bright/light colors on the boards and chat room is not permitted. The definition of bright/light colors is subject to common sense so text is visible and easy to read for fellow players. If a player has to highlight text to see it, it is too bright/light and must be edited.

Users are allowed to use images as avatars as long as they do not violate any part of the Terms of Service. Avatars should be 100 x 100 pixels and will be resized automatically if not.

Images, including but not limited to avatars, backgrounds, layout images, which include animation with excessive flashing/blinking or rapid movement that may cause medical issues are not allowed. This will be at the discretion of the Mod team.

13. Monitoring Content

Mweor has no ability to fully control the Content you may upload, post or otherwise transmit using the Game and does not have any obligation to monitor such Content for any purpose. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all Content and material you upload, post or otherwise transmit using the Game.

Mweor does hold the right to: remove any posts, cattery pages, etc. with content that violates the Terms of Service and the right to warn, fine, and/or ban the offending player.

14. Conduct

You agree to be subject to and to conduct yourself in accordance with the following guidelines. You are responsible for all of Your Content you upload and otherwise copy, distribute and display using the Game. You must have the legal right to copy, distribute and display all parts of any content that you upload or otherwise copy, distribute and display. Content provided to you by others or made available through websites is protected by copyright and shall not be uploaded, downloaded, or otherwise copied, distributed or displayed without the consent of the copyright owner.

English is the only language which may be used on Mweor's forums and chat. For any content posted in a language other than English an English translation must be provided in the same post/content area.

If you find any bugs, defined as errors in the code of Mweor, you agree to post it on the Bug Board, describing the location of the bug and what you were doing when you found it. Any user who abuses a bug may be warned, fined, and/or banned.

You agree that you will not provide any information to Mweor that is false or misleading, or that attempts to hide your identity.

You agree not to use the game/boards/chat/or any other function of Mweor:

(a) for any unlawful purposes;

(b) to upload, post, or otherwise transmit any material that is obscene, offensive, blasphemous, pornographic, unlawful, threatening, menacing, abusive, harmful, an invasion of privacy or publicity rights, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, illegal or otherwise objectionable;

(c) to upload, post, or otherwise transmit any material that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent or other property right or artist's right;

(d) to upload, post, or otherwise transmit any material which is likely to cause harm to Mweor or anyone else's computer systems, including but not limited to that which contains any virus, code, worm, data or other files or programs designed to damage or allow unauthorized access to the Game which may cause any defect, error, malfunction or corruption to the Game;

(e) to post any scripts outside of the www.mweor.com domain, including but not limited to private chat boxes, music, glitter graphics and counters. Only HTML and CSS are permitted;

(f) for cursing. Cursing includes but is not limited to: all words blocked by the site's bad word filter, usage of symbols to represent curse words or to evade the bad word filter, acronyms in which one or more of the words (if spelled out) would be a word blocked by the site’s bad word filter, and content which contains more than three censored words caught by the bad word filter.

(g) for griefing, including but not limited to interfering with or degrading ones ability to play the game in a friendly and hassle free environment, deliberately causing one to feel unwelcome on any publicly accessible parts of the Game, publicly destroying the reputation of another player (including public black listing), name calling (including N00b and other offensive terms for newer players), making accusations of theft or scamming in public, and threatening behavior including fake acts of violence towards others is not permitted. In addition, posting content to intentionally antagonize other players or start a flame war is not allowed;

(h) for player harassment, defined as the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group against another player, including threats and demands;

(i) to impersonate moderators, including but not limited to pretending to have been a mod in the past or present or threatening other players with fines/punishments. A player may politely request a player in chat to change their color, stop posting in all caps, or stop flooding when a moderator is not present. Should you encounter another player who you believe is violating the Terms of Service, you have two options: report the offending material or incident to the Mod Box or ignore it;

(j) to post personal information such as full names, contact information, or the specific location of anyone, even yourself. Posting links to outside websites or games is allowed as long as the website is kid-friendly, but starting a flame war for any outside website is considered trolling and is not permitted;

(k) for hotlinking images (defined as linking directly to an image or file without permission) on topics, mweor pages, catteries or any other Mweor page as this consumes bandwidth on the host website;

(l) for Spamming. Spamming includes but is not limited to: flooding the boards, chat, or player inboxes, sending or posting unsolicited messages such as chain letters in private messages or on the boards or chat, bumping multiple old posts, posting advertisements in any board other than the dedicated Advertising Boards.

15. Advertising & Soliciting

Advertisement and solicitation of activities mean the offering, solicitation, or sale of goods or services by anyone other than Mweor. Advertisement and solicitation activities with respect to in-game goods and Artistic Materials are permitted for in-game currencies for registered members acting as individuals. Users may sell art for which they possess full rights to for USD. No other forms of advertisement may be done without the consent of myself.

Advertising is not permitted in chat, in messages, or on any board not in the following list: Advertising Board, Mweor Sales, Art Sales, Giveaway Board, and Other Games Board.

Players wishing to sell and/or advertise items or virtual goods not allowed on other boards may post on the “Other Games Board” with the following requirements/restrictions: (a) No amounts or pictures of items may be posted, but users can provide a simple list indicating what they are selling and (b) an off-site link should be provided where additional information can be found. Any post found to be containing any information not allowed will be removed and poster may be warned or banned.

16. Warning, Suspension & Banning of Accounts

You agree that Mweor may at any time and without notice warn, suspend, or freeze any or all of your accounts if you fail to comply with the Terms or applicable law. I reserve the right to suspend or ban any account that I feel is not using the Game as I intended. I, as the owner of the site, have selected individual players ("Moderators", "Mods") who are current on the procedures and Terms of Service that I have outlined and have my full support to monitor and enforce those regulations. You agree not to intentionally provide misleading or untruthful information to the Moderators.

17. Selling & Trading

The sale of Mweor Money (“MM”), Mweor Points (“MP”), items, mweors, or accounts for any form of "real life" currency, which includes but is not limited to USD, CD, etc., is strictly prohibited. You agree not to participate in the sale or purchase of such. Players’ MM, MP, accounts, items, and mweors are allowed to be traded/sold for other game goods if the other game allows the same. Selling non-Mweor products is not permitted. These include but are not limited to code (HTML/CSS written for Mweor pages excluded), gaming platforms, art programs, games and live animals.

Buying, Selling and Trading Mweor accounts is permitted for in-game currencies, however players are reminded that: the history of an account's rule-breaking is permanent, regardless of if accounts are sold, traded or handed on; players are responsible for at no time owning more than 2 accounts, and ownership is defined as but not limited to access to the username and password via email or otherwise for any active, inactive, or frozen account; players are responsible for making sure that the passwords and email address on an account is changed upon transfer.

18. Selling of Art

You must hold full rights to any art you sell on Mweor. Any and all sales of art on Mweor that is done for MM, MP, USD, or any other real life currencies, are not the responsibility of Mweor. However, Mweor has a zero tolerance policy for scamming, and should we find what we consider to be conclusive evidence of scamming having occurred, we will IP ban and freeze the offending player(s). Should you decide to purchase art on Mweor, we recommend that you do the following for your own protection:

a. Prior to sending payment, message the artist on Mweor with details of the commission, including:

  • A copy of the application form found on artist’s Art Sales Board post. If the artist did not provide a form, include a detailed description of what is being purchased
  • A deadline for which the commission should be completed (Ex: 2 weeks)

b. Wait until the artist replies agreeing to the terms before sending payment, and keep the reply for your records

c. If sending payment through an external payment site, include a copy of the Mweor message with your payment

d. If the work/art piece fails to be completed you must go through the payment site used to get a refund. However if messages showing that both parties agree the work/art piece would be delivered by a certain date, proof of payment is provided, and the artist cannot show that the art was delivered, repercussions for scamming will be investigated by the Mod team. If no evidence is provided which indicates that a clear timeline was agreed upon, the commissioner must wait, with a maximum wait time of 30 days from the commission date. After that point, if the commissioner can show suitable evidence that the agreement between the commissioner and artist was violated, repercussions can be taken but a refund will not be the responsibility of Mweor.

Any transaction that is not directly covered by the above outline will be at the artist’s/buyer’s own risk if they proceed, and should a dispute arise, will be handled at the discretion of the mod team.

19. Donations

Mweor does not allow for players to ask for donations in the form of “real life” currency which includes but is not limited to USD, CD, etc. However the in-game donation of MP, MM, or items to another player is allowed. Players are allowed to provide a link on the “General Talk Board” to off-site charitable organizations or fundraisers, as long as they are open to any individual who wishes to donate.